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Podcasts – Listening to Dolphins

Posted in Learn and Play with tags , , on December 1, 2008 by moamcm

Took a look at all 3 directories and discovered that I liked the search feature better on Podcastalley.  I did a few quick searches and came across in short order 3 things of interest that I will need to check out more.

The first is of course game related.  If you like games, these guys seem pretty fun (in a gamer geek sort of way – a compliment one gamer to another).  Yeah, I know this is huge geek factor, so we will move on quickly.  Roll 2D6

Then I decided to scope around for another thing of interest and I ran a search for customer service.  That’s how I found Ed Horrell’s podcast called Talk about Service.  I listened to a couple of his calls to companies and was hooked.  Telephone call nightmares: proof positive that the concept of customer service is nothing more than lip service to most companies.  Talk About Service

As for library podcasts, I found one that seemed to have some fun content.  I mean let’s face it, if I want something educational from this I’ll get a book.  But a fun podcast by a librarian is worth the occasional listening maybe.  The Mr. Nice Guy Show

How do we use this?  Maybe a weekly new book show?  Or a weekly review show done by various staff?  Seems like library podcasts are an idea some people would like. 

While I understand the format, I am not particularly thrilled with listening to podcasts.  Just not my thing.  I prefer video or reading to listening (I tend to fall asleep when I try to listen to books on CD).  Like I say, just not my thing overall, though I can see that some people love this.

And the official link to the bloglines account to make this excercise complete (see under “podcasts”).

“Podcast,” by the way, has to be one of the dumbest terms to ever enter the English language.  Straight and simple we have a word for this already folks – it’s “broadcast.”  We don’t need another to distinguish people speaking online.  Instead, we use a simple adjective to modify the word as in: online broadcast – wallah!  No new jingle slogan words created and no dictionaries harmed in the usage.  What moron originated the word Podcast?  Maybe I should call that in to infoline?