The Bonus Round

OK, so I know this is late, but it wasn’t part of the official L&P so I thought it could wait.  Here then are Ten Random Things About Me:

1)  A friend once told me, “You’re a type A personality very well disguised as a type B.”  I would be insecure, angry, and aggressive about this, but I am just too relaxed to care.

2)  I once worked on a casino gambling boat on the Mississippi River.  Life as a casino employee was the closest I have ever come to living the Goodfella’s life.  It was good.

3)  Does #2 give this away?  I am a huge fan of crime/caper films.  Bank robbery (at least in the movies) is excessively cool.  And no, I am not planning anything.

4) I passed the United States Foreign Service Written Exam on my first run.  I made it to the second round and ranked around the 250th candidate (out of 20,000).  I’m kind of proud of this one (forgive me the moment of immodesty).  They only hired 200 that year though.  This was crushing at the time, but later positive for me since I found out that I get the same feeling I was looking for at the library (“I make a difference”) with far less risk (usually).

5)  My suite at the University of Iowa was one of the only all 21 or older suites in the 8 floor, 2 wing building.  We were a popular hang out spot.  The recycling people at the dorm would sometimes have to bring a cart just for the bottles in our room.  I swear, I spent most of my time at the coffee shop studying.  At least, I cannot recall being involved in this.

6)  I immediately become nocturnal whenever I go on vacation.  I am perfectly happy to not see the sun for days on end.  Science supports me in this lifestyle.  The sun is not your friend!

7)  I once had a dog named Neko.  He was a very small terrier pup when I got him.  Neko means “cat” in Japanese.  He never seemed to have any identity issues with this.  He did have a very strong love for seaweed though.

8)  I have never seen an ocean up close and personal.  I have flown over it, but I have never been East of the Appalachians or West of the Rockies on the ground.  Perhaps with global warming, the ocean will come to me someday.

9)  Fun family fact I enjoy: my grandfather when he was a young man drove cross country as a freelance delivery driver of certain liquid refreshments.  Later this option of making money dried up due to a Constitutional amendment.

10)  Caffeine in all forms is wonderful.  I am not addicted to caffeine.  Addiction requires the possibility that one could quit.  I would say that death will end this, but my current plans involve avoiding death through staying awake and fidgeting… forever.


2 Responses to “The Bonus Round”

  1. shakeyoursilliesout Says:

    I can sing the first line of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in Japanese-but I change the word for “Reindeer” to “Neko-San”. Why? I don’t know.

  2. ooo… iowa! “is this heaven?” “no. it’s iowa!”

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