Tried out Moldi.  Downloaded a few books and movies.  Interesting and I definitely like the books.  I don’t mind reading on screen, so this is an interesting way to get materials.

I was not a fan of having to install extra software to see the movies however.  I already have programs that can manage digitally protected media just fine and I don’t really need another one.  I tried it out, but in the end I will be probably be removing the Overdrive Media Console from my PC.  From what I can see at first glance, it really isn’t all that useful of a program except to the MOLDI site.  So I wish they would have done what they did with the eBooks and went with a more multi-use program (many of the eBooks come in Adobe formats which we all know is worth having since it is useful everywhere).  But I did get to download Tattooed Life, so I cannot complain too much.

Overall though, I like MOLDI.  The access to full text books online is something I may from time to time find useful.  It’s nice to know that I have an option to look for a book in this format.


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