YouTube – Hours of Pointless Time Wasting Fun

YouTube, this I know already.  This is the place to go waste hours of ones life.  How quickly it can suck you in and take your time.  The only thing I have seen worse than this is video games.  But like video games, I love it.  Where else are you going to find an assortment of everything from music videos to old commercials, television and movie clips, cartoons, and user made videos (some good, many bad).

Training seems like the best way we can use a YouTube style idea internally.  It seems to me that many training materials would fit well in the short video format.  We could easily post these through our own site.  As for using YouTube itself, why not go the Amazon route and allow users to link video reviews to our catalog?  We could post tutorials for our users as well (such as how to use the catalog, how to search premium resources, etc).  This one just seems obvious to me.  We should be doing more with video.  ‘nuff said.

Grabbed some random links for stuff that I like.  Enjoy.

Log from Blammo (Ren & Stimpy – nostalgia)

Fascination Street by the Cure (more nostalgia)

Funk Fujiyama by Kome Kome Club (it helps if you speak some Japanese, but the video is fairly clear about the joke)

A favorite scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (not all is at it appears)

Flippy from Happy Tree Friends (HTF is only for the brave who enjoy the contrast of cute cartoon animals doing horrific things to each other.  It’s twisted, but fun!  – Oh, and it’s his fault I know about this)

WordPress.  Sheesh.  It wouldn’t let me embed!


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