Twitter Litter

Yep, litter.  Defined as “a disorderly accumulation of objects,” I think litter might be the right word.  After some searching for “subjects” I found mostly useless self involved drivel of no practical value to me.

I wanted to like this idea because it seems like there may be some practical uses at the organizational level, but let’s face it, on the personal level the site is for the most part useless to any normal adult with a life.  I don’t “hang out” online waiting for emails, feeds, “tweets”, or anything else for that matter.   And my friends and I can actually make appointments without the aid of looking to see what each other is doing every second of the day. 

Basically Twitter is ego massage in the age of ego massage.  Someone out there actually believes that they are important enough for anyone to care about seeing what they are doing at every possible moment, lots of someones in fact.  Children are this self involved maybe, but healthy adults should not be.

On the plus side, I can see Twitter as a fantastic tool for communicating quick facts about organizations and what is happening.  And of course because so many people are willing to share so much of their private existence with the world, it is a data pirate’s paradise.  Even better, with places like Twitter and all the social “networking” sites out there, we can finally achieve a society where privacy doesn’t matter anymore.  After all, it seems like millions of people daily freely proclaim everything about their personal life to the world.  Why not just put cameras on every corner and turn the whole world in to a reality TV show!  Can you detect the sarcasm in the above paragraph?

Want to see my first and last Twitter postings?  Enjoy.


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