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Found a few new useful gaming feeds I did not know existed (including a couple from a site I have been to many times). By far, Technorati is the most useful site to search. Of course, the hits can be excessive depending on what one is searching for. The bloglines search was fairly effective as well and I like the fact that you can subscribe to the search. I mostly have subscribed to feeds from sites I know and use a lot. See my last post for a link to my feeds page on Bloglines.

I did not find a ton of useful library related links.  Not that there were not a lot, but many were not particularly useful to me or interesting enough to want to look at all the time.  I did pull some feeds from Library Journal’s site though and of course I had to include The Shifted Librarian’s blog feed and Michael Stephen’s Tame the Web as well (see my bloglines page under Books & Mags and Library Related). 


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