Learn and Play @ CML

So obviously I am an employee of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.  When I heard that CML was going to run this program, Learn and Play @ CML, I have to admit I was impressed.  This is bold, very bold in fact.  I am pleased greatly to work for an organization with the guts to try something like this.  While some other libraries are doing their best to block anything “new”, employees of CML are being told to go out, find existing and emerging technologies, and use them. Beyond that we are being told to use them with very little limitation on how we use them. This is how much our organization trusts us. This is utterly cool.

So what am I going to write about here? Haven’t got a clue yet. Probably it will end up being a hodge-podge of assorted things that are of interest to me and very few others. When opportunity presents itself, I’ll add a bit here and there. Though honestly on some days that is just not going to happen. Overall, I am a SF geek, enjoy science and tech reading, I am deeply amused by conspiracy theories (could you tell?), reading is high on the list of course, and computers are a part of my everyday existence (more so than television actually). On a practical level my job is in customer service so I spend a significant amount of time reading on that topic and the topic of improving business performance as well. Likely these will end up being topics for me. Interesting? Stop back by and check me out again then after I’ve had a chance to post a few things.

Other than that, for now I’ll merely take this opportunity to point out that what you saw was Venus. You probably thought it was something else, but rest assured, it was Venus.


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